Thursday, March 28, 2013

Could it be???

Could it be??? I think it is finally warming up a bit.  The snow is almost gone and everything is muddy....ahhhh spring has sprung.

Today I walked around the perimeter of the front yard picking up trash that has blown into my yard throughout the winter.  Plastic shopping bags (I despise those things) and Styrofoam were at the top of the list.  I was surprised that I didn't pick up one empty bottle or can of an alcoholic beverage.  I wonder what that indicates?  Bad economy? Not a soul was thirsty this winter?

I'm back to scrapping paint off the dining room walls tomorrow.  I would really like to finish scrapping the dining room by Saturday.  R will then need to give the walls a quick sanding to remove any loose paint.

I'm contemplating removing the crown molding.  The crown was removed when they ran the forced air system and it was not re installed nicely.  I could use these pieces in the hallway and buy new for the dining room. 

Then we clean up this mess.  Since there should not be anymore plaster removal we SHOULD be able to give everything a good clean and it should stay that way for a while.

After we is back into the kitchen to finish up about 5 big projects.  We resisted installing the beadboard panels on the ceiling until our roofing installation had gone through a winter spring cycle.  So far we are leak free....yippee. 

The family room/library is on hold until the windows are replaced.  I would hate to finish everything up and then have the window installation undo some of it.  I'm most excited about the windows!!!

I've developed a terrible cough.  I have lung problems and it seems like every time I get a little cold it turns into a 2 month ordeal and it has really cut into any progress I thought we should have made this winter. Bummer.

******Don't hold me to it......but tomorrow I will attempt to take photos of the dining room walls.  I downloaded several photos on Etsy today and it was slow going but at least they loaded.