Saturday, January 2, 2016

Flint Faience Tile Purchase

Being stuck in bed with the sinus infection from hell does have it's perks.  Besides losing all that holiday weight gain from eating oodles of tasty tidbits, I also had plenty of time to surf the web for stuff.  Some stuff needed and others just wanted.

We have Flint Faience Tile in our house so I am always on the prowl for a tile here or there to display and add to my Flint automotive history collection.  So imagine my surprise when I ran across a tile from the AC Spark Plug factory in Flint MI.
The tile is not perfect and is missing a corner.  It is probably the only reason I could afford the tile in the first place.  The tile measures roughly 4 X 6 inches and just shy of a 1/2 inch thick.  Love the little spark plugs.
I'll probably spend the next month using a Dremel with a carbide tip removing the 2 inches of mortar that is still present on the backside of the tile.  Once the mortar is removed I should be able to see the incised inscription Flint Faience Tile.

If you would like to read more about Flint Faience Tile, Old House Journal online has an interesting article and photos.  My master bath has the green and black tile shown in one of the photos.  The only difference is that mine is all green with black tiles and just a small inset of pink flowers on a black background.