Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and a shingle update

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck to the Detroit Lions.

These last few shingles are taking FOR EV ER!!!  Each one is a custom multi angle cut nightmare.  We are holding our breath that the weather holds out for a few more days.

 Actually we would be done with that part of the cedar shingle installation but this week was a week of dentist, doctor, and hair appointments for both of us.  There is a slight chance of rain this weekend and then the weather is suppose to drop down to normal late November temps.  So it looks like we are shingling on borrowed time.

Monday, November 12, 2012

What do you do......

......when you are almost done with a project?  Well, we start more demo, of course.

We hadn't planned on removing the old gutter until next year but we needed that removed so we could remove the fascia board that someone had nailed on top of the original fascia.  BTW the original fascia will be replaced with the solid PVC boards that we are putting behind all the gutters.  You can see the removed gutter and fascia in the last photo.

Why are we removing the fascia now???  We have come to an interior corner and when installing cedar shingles you need to alternate the courses as you turn the corner.  This gives a nice tight fit.

These last few shingles are going slow because you have to cut an angle at the top to follow the angle of the roof line. When we removed the gutter we found some missing rigid foam insulation.  Looks like sometime in the past a critter tried to find a way into the house. 

I swear when I look at those photos the shingles look crooked and the rows look uneven but I swear they are not.  Each row has a 10 inch exposure and we use a ledger board to set the shingles on when we nail them.  I think the various shades and widths of shingles give an optical illusion.

On another note.....those windows are sooooooo ugly that I can barely look at them and cannot wait to replace them with the appropriate style and size.  I just cannot imagine why anyone would choose THOSE windows.