Monday, July 22, 2019

Staining the Deck White

Two weeks ago I started the process of staining my deck white.  If you follow me on Instagram then you have probably seen a photo or two of the progress.

I am using Behr Solid Color Wood Stain in Ultra Pure White.  We use Behr paint in Semi Gloss in the color Ultra Pure White for the trim and shutters on the exterior of our house.  So we knew that we wouldn't end up with clashing white tones.  
This deck will require two coats. The first coat is blotchy but the second coat fills in the lighter spots and makes everything look the same color.  My plan is to get a single coat on everything before doing a second coat.  We are doing it this way because the first coat of stain really highlights any imperfections or problems.  

This was especially true of the top board.  It gets the most sun, rain, and snow so it was not looking its best.  To remedy the cracks and splits in the wood, R has been using a universal filler that we buy at ACE Hardware.
It is called Evercoat Home Fix Universal Filler .  We have used it on cracked exterior wood trim and window sashes.  It can be used for both interior and exterior use and we have been happy with the results.  The above photo is after filler was applied and then sanded off leaving filler behind in the cracks and crevices.
I will be so happy when we can finally store the ladders in the barn instead of under the deck.  We have ladders of just about any height and not a day goes by that we don't use at least one of them.

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Reuse Repurpose Recycle

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Does your garden hose...

...stick out like a sore bright green thumb?

Garden hoses are a necessity if you want your plants to live but it doesn't have to look bad while keeping your flowers happy.

I decided to add a hose hanger on my deck because dragging the hose up to the deck was a drag (no pun intended).  The hose hanger wasn't a problem because there are a lot of choices out there on the Net. If your favorite hose hanger is the wrong color there is always spray paint.  

I bought my hose hanger about 10 years ago so I don't have a link for mine.  But it was offered in a distressed black and I just can't get onboard the distress bandwagon.  Why would I start out with a hose hanger that looks like it needs sandblasting and repainted?  I, of course, spray painted the hose hanger in satin black.
 I hung the hose hanger and loved how it looked but I wasn't all that into hanging a bright green garden hose on it.  So off to the Internet to see what was available.  Isn't that where we start any project these days?

eBay had grey garden hoses and they were almost the same grey as my house.  Unreal.  What was even more unreal was the price, the length options, and free shipping.  I decided on the 50 ft length and it arrived about a week later.

I chose this garden hose for several reasons beyond the grey color.  First it had brass fittings.  Plastic fittings are easily cross threaded and tend to leak.  On the other hand, brass is sturdy and less likely to leak.  The hose is 5/8th inch and 8 ply.  And finally there is a spring on the end that is attached to the faucet.  This spring keeps the hose from getting kinked.  And all for $25.34 plus free shipping.
We finished off with a grey garden hose sprayer.  Why ruin the look with a green sprayer?  The sprayer also came with an extra washer.  I purchased 2 with a 'Make Offer' of 6 bucks each and free shipping.
R drilled a 3/4th inch hole in the deck and we ran the new hose down to the hose faucet below.
Oh my, those deck boards look bad.  But that is another project for another day.  I have deck railing to stain white and wood buttons to glue in place.  It is going to take 2 coats of opaque stain but it already looks a million times better.

Reuse Repurpose Recycle