Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cement Bird Bath Rehab

Several years ago I purchased a cement bird bath base at a garage sale for 5 bucks. Since that time it has set in the potting shed waiting for a top. Well, Thursday was the day!

R and I decided it was too warm to work in the yard so we hit the road for a quick road trip to Krupp's in Lennon, Michigan to look for a bird bath top. First we needed to load the base into the SUV so that we could make sure whichever top we picked fit and also looked good aesthetically.

Where do we start?Believe it or not we found the top we wanted in about 5 minutes. It was over by the sign that said 'Bird Baths'. Here is what we bought.The top is shallow which is what I read that birds like rather than the deep fountain bowls that people prefer to buy and use as bird baths.I still need to clean and paint (med gray) the bird bath to match the other two large bird baths that I have in my hosta flower beds. This one will be located in the side yard in the newest hosta bed (2 years old). Which reminds me.....I need to get weeding.

Total cost base $5 + top $40=$45 A new pedestal just like this one is $50.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1930's Radiator Cover For Sale

Just pulled out of the barn. Gear Acres has a forced air system so I cannot use this fabulous rad cover so I am putting it out there for sale.Add ImageThis rad cover is in great shape with light surface rust in some areas and paint loss in others. The water tray is rusted on the interior but the back is free of rust.This rad cover has several really unique features. First is the access door to make adjustments without removing the entire cover.The second cool feature is the water tray. Essentially it is a built in humidifier for use during the dry winter months. This feature could also be used to keep plants humidified. You could fill the water tray with small pebbles and fill with water. Then place your potted plants on top of the rocks.

It appears that the rad cover was originally white but at some time painted aqua/green. If I could use this I would have it sand blasted and powder coated. I know they can powder coat just about any color. An oil rubbed bronze would be great if you have lighting and hardware in that finish.

The cover is accented with a raised leaf pattern.The cover has not been altered or repaired. The hinges on the lid are sturdy. This is a large cover with the outside dimensions being 56 inches wide by 28 1/8 inches high. I have found similar covers on the Internet but they are half the size and usually damaged.

If you are interested in the cover I am selling it for $200.00. You must be able to pick up the cover in Grand Blanc, Michigan, though I might be persuaded to deliver for a price and if I could get me sister to go on a road trip.

All cobwebs and bugs are free with purchase. I have only given the cover a quick rinse with the garden hose. I will leave the cleaning to the buyer as I know some like more patina then others.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oversized Plant Cages

This last week we have been busy in the yard tidying up flower beds and building oversized tomato and pole bean cages.Check out my garden blog to see how we built this cage for pole beans using old lumber and doll heads.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Weather is not Cooperating

Today is just too cold and rainy to work outside. Luckily yesterday I finished several outdoor projects just in time for the rain and cold.

One of the projects was putting down a layer of black mulch around the rosebushes in front of the house.This layer of mulch will help to keep the roses from getting too dry. I am also hoping that it will deter weed growth because I do not like pulling weeds from around rose bushes.

We also added black mulch to the hosta bed. This took longer and was more difficult than laying mulch around the rose bushes because we had to make sure we didn't get any mulch on the hosta plant because it encourages slugs.

I also had to keep telling R to watch where he was stepping. Some of the hostas are fully open and others are just starting to pop out of the ground.
Here is a word of advice if you decide to use black mulch. Wear water proof gloves. My fingernails are now stained and scrubbing with a nail brush did little to remove the stain.

I knew rain was coming and decided that I needed to hustle and spray for dandelions. Last year I was able to get just over half the yard sprayed and the results were great since this year I had only a few random dandelions pop up in those areas.

I use Ortho Weed B Gone that I use in a hose end sprayer. I think the results are better than granular weed killer. I also have better control when spraying the area next to flower beds. I always miss weeds along the edge of flower beds when I use the broadcast spreader with dry granular weed killer . Also with the hose end sprayer, if I see a large weed or group of weeds I can hit it with a little more killer than if I used a broadcast spreader.

The rain has stopped and the sun is even peeking through the clouds but I see dark clouds coming from the west. So today is looking more like a good day to run errands.