Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catching up

The end of September and the beginning of October have been nothing less than hectic. Add to that the fact that I was sick and say the least I've gotten behind on a few things. So here I go on catching up.

First....the wedding was just beautiful, just like the bride. October weddings should be chilly, maybe a little nip in the air??? Oh no, it was sunny and 90. Yes, I tell you, 90 hot hot hot degrees and I was in black velvet with a fever from a viral infection. Try putting on pantie hose when it's 90, you have a fever, and you're so weak you can barely get them to your knees let alone all the way to your waist!!! Which brings me to ask this question...who in their right mind invented pantie hose????? Had to be a man...right???? Someone who has never had to put the damn things on. Didn't Joe Namath once wear pantie hose??? Well anyways.....I hate those things. Can't get them up and once you have to pee. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Here's a photo of the tables. Barbara did a great job on the centerpieces. You can't tell by the photo, but the vase had a little LED light that lit the vase and made it glow.
Let's all say "ahhhhh aren't they cute?"

Second....I can't work on the house when it is 90 outside. But don't's Michigan where one day it is 90 degrees and two days later 49 degrees. I also can't work on the house when it is raining. We had several days where we had tornadoes here in October. Last October it snowed!!!!

Third.....I have been informed by those who read my blog that indeed my bird bath base is level and that it is I who is a half bubble off.

Fourth....Roger wants to rent a skid steer again. He says he needs it to move large rocks for MY hosta garden. Pffft.....who's he kidding. He just wants to do donuts in the yard with the skid steer. So I put the kibosh to that notion. So he is back to the lawn tractor and snow saucer for moving the rocks. Please no hate mail from the guys!!!! Roger gets to play plenty!!!!! Plus maybe next year I'll let him rent one, but don't tell him.

Fifth....and not the Stoly kind either, but after this month I may need one. Roger rototilled the Hosta La Vista bed and positioned several large rocks. Hopefully tomorrow we can plant the hostas and put that bed to rest. No pun intended. Stop groaning.

Well hopefully this post will clear up any notion that we have been slacking off at "The Gear."

Also......a gratuitous Goooooooo Smoke. Tony is currently in 4th place with several races to go before The Chase is over. Anything can happen when there are two Busch brothers on the track, so don't count Tony out just yet.

Goooooooo Smoke!!!!