Thursday, April 24, 2014

Finished the grey paint

I made the classic mistake of believing the weatherman.  Today was downright chilly with a capital C.

Despite the chill in the air I made an attempt to paint today.  R removed the rivet from the downspout so I was able to paint behind it and I also finished the little strip under the door .  All that is remaining is the white paint on the trim and doors.  But if I am to believe the weatherman AGAIN, we are not due for any real painting weather for over a week.  As a matter of fact, they are predicting snow.  I sure hope that is not the one time they get the forecast correct.

Today was not only chilly but windy so that made it a perfect day to rake leaves....NOT.  In an attempt to tidy up the curb appeal, we raked the leaves by the mailbox, stone pillars, and swept the entrance to the driveway.  It looks a little better but until I can rake between the lilacs, I just will not be happy with the way it looks.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Painting before it rains

Yesterday I was able to get a quick coat of grey on the garden shed.  As I mentioned before, the grey paint goes on much faster than the primer.

I'll try to finish up on the painting tomorrow if it is warmer and less windy then today.  The remaining painting details are the white trim around the doors, the threshold, a little tiny strip of grey under the doors, and a coat of primer and grey behind the downspout.

The doors will need to come off the hinges so we can sand and paint them.  At that time we will take care of the remaining hardware installation.

We really are happy with the difference/improvement to the garden shed.  Money wise the costs have been fairly low because of reusing of materials or using leftover materials from previous projects.  I'll have a total once we finish.

Yesterday after painting and before it rained we swept the curb.  There was a lot of debris along the curb because of the severe winter.  We removed 3 wheelbarrows of dirt, small bits of broken plastic from cars, one center wheel cap off of a Chrysler, and one tiny empty Jack Daniels bottle.  Sweeping the curb is one of those thankless jobs.  Nobody notices a clean curb but they do notice a dirty debris filled curb.

We were forced indoors today because of the cold and windy weather, so we started another project in the kitchen.  This will be a first for us and we know it will be slow going but we are going to attempt to build the desk, 3 cabinets, and book shelf built ins.  The cabinets will be built in the same manner as the current cabinets and with materials we already have on hand.  Let's hear it for a ALMOST zero cost project.  The only cost we can foresee is the 2 sheets of good one side plywood for the top.

The photo below shows the chair where the corner desk will be located and the book shelves will be all the way to the right.
Of course I have to include an updated photo or two of the kitties.  At 16 days old, they are really starting to get around.  That little grey kitty is so cute.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Back to work on the garden shed

Last year we were able to finish about 95% of the garden shed restoration.  But as always happens here in Michigan in got cold and we had to stop.

Yesterday was warm enough (barely) to lay down a coat of primer on the front of the shed.  Last fall we were able to prime and paint the other three sides so this is the remaining side that needed to be painted.  I still need to move the downspout and finish priming under the threshold, and over the door.
The doors will need a light sanding and painting and the hardware on the door needs a spray painting (in racing lingo a Krylon rebuild) and we will probably add some weatherstripping to the doors.

We will finish up the shed restoration with a project that we hope will replicate the hand hammered metal straps that are original to the doors on the house.  More on that later.

The final dark grey coat will go on much faster then the white primer.  The cedar has a rough surface so it requires more time insuring that it is completely covered with primer and that there are no drips coming from paint in between the shingles.

Here is what the shed looked like at the end of autumn 2013.

AND this is what it looked like when we bought the house.  Actually, it looked worse.  If you look at the photos you will see that we had already cut down a dead crab apple and several dead choke cherries trees/bushes.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

First Curbside Treasure of 2014

The vast majority of our curbside treasures are found by my husband.  I usually justify not stopping by saying that I would have to turn around or the item is too heavy or too large for my vehicle.

Today's find was in fairly good condition.

The dresser is missing a brass caster on one of the legs and one of the back legs is broke but R found it with the dresser.  He says he can fix it.  None of the decorative applique is missing but the top has seen better days. But for now the dresser will be stored in the barn.

We removed the drawers to make the dresser easier to move.  I spied something wadded up behind a drawer.

Looks like little Billy Frame was a player.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Paint scraping, tack removal, and kitty update

Using my current iffy set up I scraped paint until I just couldn't scrape anymore.  I'm to the point where either of two things must happen for me to continue on.

#1 My arms grow longer


#2 I devise a better set up for reaching high up on the walls.

I had better put on my thinking cap and think of something quick since I doubt that my arms will grow longer.

I also pulled out about 30 carpet tacks that were still in the wood floor up on the landing.  I'm sure there are still more to remove and I know if I removed my shoes I could find them in no time.

The kitties are growing fast.  Today they were 11 days old.  Some have their little eyes open.  Two are large and one is small but all are doing well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finishing the oven install and wood shelves

The double Thermador ovens have just been sitting in the opening and needed a final leveling and securing. Who knew it would take an hour plus to get the oven level.  Leveling your oven is a must if you want your cakes to come out level and believe me I need all the help I can get with my cakes.

We screwed down the oven after we shimmed and checked the levelness by putting a level on the oven shelf.  When I opened the oven door to remove the level we noticed that there was still a little vibration in the oven when the oven door was slightly slammed shut.  We remedied this problem by taking a 1 inch by 8 inch long piece of metal and fashioned a strap.  R attached the strap to the oven by removing one of the screws holding the sheet metal side on, he then added the strap, and put the screw back in place.  On the other end of the strap he bent a 90 degree bend about 1 inch from the end and drilled a hole to accept a screw.  He then screwed the strap to the wood tongue and groove wall behind the oven.  Problem solved.

The final oven piece that needed installing was a little black vent strip that had to go under the bottom door. We still need to hook up the electrical but we are waiting until the cook top install to do both at the same time.

The shelves have been nailed and screwed down.  We also added a piece of screen trim to the top two shelves.  The trim is to help support platters and plates that I might be lean against the wall on the shelves. We could have routered a groove but platters are generally thick and we didn't want to permanently alter the shelves.  The trim is 3 inches from the wall and held in place with little pins nails which can easily be removed.  The trim was left off of the lowest shelf because this shelf is for canisters and large jars.

Yesterday, I rummaged through the bedroom where I have stored furniture, lamps, paintings etc.  I brought down the French wrought iron and crystal chandelier, 1 vintage ceiling fixture, and 3 glass globes (vintage) so that I can figure out what we need to get to finish our lighting.

Ironically, while we were working on the shelves we talked about how it would look cool to have a plant in a vintage pot sitting on one of the shelves.  I was so surprised to see this vintage green pot sitting on a table.  I have no recollection of buying it.  Actually, I have no recollection of buying a lot of the items in that room.

Monday, April 14, 2014

General Motors Refrigerator on Craigslist

General Motors Refrigerator on Craigslist.

I tried to copy and paste the photos but the quality was horrible.

Cool emblem on the door.  This is only the second time I have seen a GM fridge.  The other was a fully restored fridge in an antique shop for 2K.

Speaking of fridges.....we decided today to paint the area to the sides and back of the fridge in flat black. Since we have a space of an inch or so on each side of the fridge, I wanted to make sure that you couldn't see behind and to the sides of the fridge.  I wish it was a better fit but until i can come up with an idea....flat black will do.

On the weather front, we had a storm blow through here last night and wouldn't you know it, we now have even more limbs down or broken.  One medium size branch fell on the roof without any damage thank heaven.

And if that wasn't bad enough, snow is predicted for Wednesday.