Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Art

In honor of the real reason we celebrate Easter, I will show you one of my favorite paintings from my art collection.  I am sorry that I do not have a better photo but all of my art collection is currently stored away while we do our home restoration.
I purchased this painting in 2007.  I cannot remember the artist's name but you can see his stylized mark in the lower right hand corner. I am sure I will run across the paperwork eventually. The painting is modern and painted probably in the late 1930's, possibly 1938.

This sounds like an odd reason to buy a painting but I am attracted to square works of art (this piece is 24X24), paintings rendered in shades of purple, and religious paintings.  Based on those attributes this painting was a no brainer for me to purchase.  

The painting reveals more details the further you are from the painting.  It wasn't until I hung the painting and left the room and came back did I even notice the crucifixion on the right and left of Christ.  I was busy looking at the center of the painting as I held it in my hand and totally missed what was happening along the left and right edges.

The sky is painted in shades of dark purple depicting the storm that happened as Christ hung on the cross.  The entire work is painted with a palette mostly of pinks, blues, and purples.

The brush strokes are large and layered in such a way that it results in a more detailed depiction.  Upclose the faces appear blank or without features but again as you back up you can see the features.  I find this painting fascinating and just now noticed a very small sage green that I never noticed before.

Have a Happy Easter. Whether you are celebrating Easter with a family dinner, attending church, or having an Easter egg hunt may your day be a happy one.

As always.....
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Kuan Yin Concrete Statue Makeover

Last fall I purchased a 30 inch concrete statue of Kuan Yin for $7.00.
She was looking pretty bad when I purchased her but I was sure that I could give her a makeover that even Tim Gunn would be happy to see.
Kuan Yin suffered from peeling paint, failing paint, and details that were obscured by the multiple paint colors.  I began with an aggressive exfoliation.  I used the brass bristle brush to get the loose pieces off.  The dried drips of paint were removed with the coarse grit sandpaper.  I finished by using an old paint brush to brush away dust and grime. By using the paintbrush I could also hear when the brush hit loose paint. 

I then moved on to using the air compressor with an airgun attached to blow away any dust in tight crevices that I couldn't get to with my brush.  Making sure that I had a dust free surface before painting was a must if I wanted the new paint to adhere to the statue.

She was now ready for an undercoat of dark grey.  I already had a can of dark grey spray paint.  Actually I had just enough before it ran out.  Depending on the color of stone spray paint that you choose will determine what color you use for the undercoat. 

 Look at how the details pop now that all the ugly blue, metallic green, and white paint are gone.  I could have stopped there but I wanted a granite look.

I gave her several light coats of Krylon Stone in black granite.  The trick to getting an even coat is go light and build up until you have the coverage that you want to achieve.  
 Before you spray your item do a test spray on cardboard so you can get a feel for how much comes out of the nozzle.  Contrary to how you generally spray when using spray paint, with this stone paint I get the best results from using short bursts rather than a continuous spray.  I let the stone paint thoroughly dry and then went back later and made sure that every inch of Kuan Yin was covered with the same amount of stone spray paint.

I already had the stone spray paint because I used it to paint the splash guard under the downspout.  So this entire project cost was 7 bucks.  

She will look fabulous in one of my hosta beds. 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Grey Paint on the Cedar Shingles and Flip Flop Blowout

We had a stretch of warm weather so I was able to get a coat of grey paint on the shingles.  I was also able to get a coat of white primer on the windows and trim.  I was iffy on whether to paint the mounting blocks for the light fixtures white like the trim or grey like the shingles and now I think white is the way to go.
I was rushing around putting items back in place so I could take a few photos and the next thing I was laying on the deck with my fingers bent back at the palm of my hand.  I was a victim of a flip flop blowout.
I thought for sure that my hand was broken.  Fortunately it was just seriously bruised and swollen.
I didn't break a fingernail on the injured hand but the middle finger fingernail on my good hand hit the step and broke.
So both of my middle fingers are out of commission.  I may not be able to drive without the use of my middle fingers.  It's how I communicate with drivers who lack basic driving skills.  
Today I was able to get one coat of primer on the front and back of the secret project.  I want to get a second coat of primer on it before I paint a top coat of semi gloss Ultra White.  But the weather has turned and we are now in for several days of cold weather and rain.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Priming Cedar Shingles Completed

Thank you warm weather.  I was able to finish priming the cedar shingles because this side of the house faces south. The south facing causes the deck to be a few degrees warmer than the ambient air temperature. 
If it is warm again tomorrow I might just haul that can of grey paint out and slap some on the shingles.  I would love that because the grey paint makes such a difference.  We are nowhere near a Before & After post but we are closer than we were last week.
Unfortunately the grass is starting to grow and we need to fire up the leaf blowers and corral all the leaves that are blowing around everywhere in the yard. When I think back to last year and all the bags of leaves that we put to the curb it is hard to believe but it looks like we didn't rake any leaves at all.  Lots of trees=lots of leaves.

So how much more needs to be done before there is a 
Before & After post?

Paint the shingles grey
Paint the windows trim and sashes white
Prime the door trim
Paint the door trim white
Paint the doors white
Make 4 of the faux wrought iron hinges
Install the dummy handle on the stationary door
Touch up the wrought iron furniture with black satin spray paint
Take the outdoor cushions to the upholstery guy
Hang 2 wrought iron baskets and plant with flowers 
Haul out the umbrella and the umbrella stand
Buy and plant flowers on the deck 
Buy and plant flowers in the flower boxes on the railings
Haul out all the deck decor items
Put down the outdoor rug

Many of those items will take less than an hour but others could take days.  Painting window sashes is tedious work but laying down the rug takes 15 minutes to find it in the loft, then move patio furniture, lay down rug, and put furniture back.  
Easy peasy.

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