Monday, May 20, 2019

The To Do List is Getting Longer Every Day

*Paint the shingles grey
*Paint the windows trim and sashes white (deck area)
*Prime the door trim (new door)
*Paint the door trim white
*Paint the doors white
*Make 4 of the faux wrought iron hinges
*Install the dummy handle on the stationary door
*Touch up the wrought iron furniture with black satin spray paint
*Take the outdoor cushions to the upholstery guy
*Hang 3 wrought iron baskets and plant with flowers 
*Haul out the umbrella and the umbrella stand
*Buy and plant flowers on the deck 
*Buy and plant flowers in the flower boxes on the railings
*Haul out all the deck decor items
*Put down the outdoor rug
*Plant flowers in the window boxes on the front and side of house
*Plant flowers in the pots on the front porch
*Fix paint on the bottom of the front door
*Add wide cove moulding to the bottom of front door
*Remove and replace 3" eavestrough and downspout with 5"
*Rent heavy equipment to break apart what remains of the swimming pool
*Call and get estimate for retaining wall in the backyard
*Cut down almost dead large pine tree
*Finish building gable vent and prime and paint it
*Install gable vent
*Paint the bistro set 
I purchased this set at an auction for about 40 bucks.  I can see why this set has peeling paint.  When it rains the rainwater pools in the seat area and in the middle of the table.  I am thinking about drilling a pattern of holes in the seat and the center of the table.  Then I will sand and paint.  I will probably spray paint the set with satin black but then paint a checkerboard in the seat area and center of the table.  That should be tedious.

*And of course there are always more cedar shingles to take down and install new cedar shingles.

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