Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hosta La!!!!

I know you have all been waiting to hear what we are going to do to the northwest corner of our property. Well haven't you???? OK that's what I thought.

I've always liked hosta plants. They come up every year, you really don't need to do anything to them except water and at the end of the cut them off and you are ready for spring the following year. Up until recently, I thought that there were maybe 20 varieties...tops. Green, green with white, white with green, bluish grey, small, medium, and large, and maybe a rare pale yellow type. Nope not even close. There are thousands of varieties. So we have decided to put in a large "hosta only" garden. This garden will be called "The Hosta la Vista Garden". Quit groaning...I heard that.

Remember the large stone/boulder by the edge of the driveway??? Well, the Hosta la Vista Garden will have large boulders intermingled upon the plants. We will also add a concrete bird bath for our little feathered friends. The plan is to have a random scattering of plants with larger varieties in the back and dwarf/small varieties in the front. I have purchased over 130 varieties so far. If you are interested in hostas, go to the Hosta Library. It's a great site with lots of photos and information. Currently (meaning today!!!), my favorites are June, Guacamole, Kossa Regal, Albiqua Drinking Gourd, and Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

Roger has been busy the last two weeks digging large rocks out of the fence row. Getting them to the front of the property is another problem. I suggested the snow saucer. In the past we have used it to drag heavy shrubs across the lawn. It works great and doesn't leave ruts. The below photos shows how we rigged the boulder and how it moved quite effortlessly across the lawn. I didn't even break into a sweat. Oh yeah, right, I forgot.....Roger did all the rigging. I just supervised.
One rock down and many more to go.

We are also planting a smaller hosta garden under the trees in the center of the circle driveway. The photo below shows the area where we have purposely killed the grass (behind flag pole, top half of photo) where we will plant Komodo Dragon, Guacamole, Paul's Glory, Kossa Regal, Frances Williams, Patriot, Orange Marmalade, and August Moon hostas. This photo was taken from the bath in the master bedroom.
Now this is where I need everyones help. The large hosta garden has a name and I really don't want the smaller........."though not any less important"...... garden to get a complex. So I need suggestions for a name. Something that either goes with the Hosta la Vista or the Gear Acres theme. If I use your suggestion I'll send you a hosta plant for your garden. So everyone, put on your thinking caps!!!!!

Hasta la!!!!!!

Also does anyone know which case is correct, upper or lower??? Is it La or la?

Update.....rock moving has come to a halt!!!!!! Seems Roger has this weekend off so he is going racing if he can get the car ready and scaled by Saturday. This will be his first outing this year in the Mod. Below is the only photo I have on my flash drive of Roger in a Mod. Roger is in the black mod on the bottom and Gavin is in the white mod on the top. Sorry about the poor quality.


  1. Hi Jan,

    We at wanted to let you know that an arcticle about your renovation/remodeling projects has been written and included alongside your entry in the Remodel, Blog and Win online contest.

    It can be viewed here:

    Keep up the good work!


  2. You and mom both are obessed with hostas...I don't have a name for your mini hosta garden though. But you can still send the plant.

    Your favourite niece,

  3. Blaire....

    Yes, you have always been my favorite niece!!! LOL

    Your Mom has hostas???

    No hosta for you until you come up with a name. Actually I need two more names. We decided to have another hosta garden under a big tree in the back yard. I'll post photos later.

    So put on your thinking cap!!!

    Aunt Jan


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