Friday, May 15, 2009

Sun Room Exterior Renovation Underway

Last week we started the renovation of the exterior of the sun room. We work one day and it rains and we work 2 days and then it rains. It's frustrating because it is either raining or the wind is blowing so hard it is difficult to use the heat gun.I've been taking photos every day but the change is not that noticeable. At this point we are busy just fixing and correcting problems such as rotted wood and stripping thick layers of paint off the trim. We believe this sun room was not original because you can see exterior cedar shingles between the addition and the original house. We were surprised that they did not remove the shingles before building the addition.R did a little concrete repair to the cement sill. A small chunk had broken off so he replaced the remaining piece and filled in the remainder with concrete. Prior to the repair he removed nearly all the paint and then used the sander to feather the few remaining pieces of paint.

The next step is trimming out the windows so that they blend with the rest of the house. Hopefully this will look better than what was there...which was nothing but a tiny piece of trim molding.

The renovation was put on hold last weekend when we took a short road trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Pole Day. We had garage passes and really saw some very interesting things, probably only interesting to gear heads but interesting none the less. I really liked the Radio Flyer wagon in Dario Franchetti's pits....before you I did not see Ashley Judd. I did see a matter of fact I was about 3 feet from him. Very tall. Back to the wagon...isn't it cute??? You would be the hit of the flea market pulling this filled with antique goodies. The crew member we talked to said they paid 3k for it.After we watched Helio Casteneves (2 time 500 champ and Dancing w/the Stars champ) win the pole with over a 224 mph attempt we drove down the street to The Union Jack Pub for prime rib. Cool sports bar with antique stained glass windows used as partitions and antique lighting hanging from the ceiling. The bar also had some great racing art work. R said they had a yellow sprint car behind glass by the women's bathroom. Don't ask.....I have no idea why he was hanging out by the women's bathroom.