Sunday, December 28, 2014

Early Spring Clean Up

Here we are just one week into the official winter season and it was 50 degrees at 5:35 in the evening. We decided to use this unseasonably warm weather to get an early start on raking out the flower beds.

Today was a rather odd day.  Although it was warm by winter standards it was still a little crisp.  Had the sun been able to peek through the thick clouds we might have had a stellar day.  The clouds were so thick that it appeared to be twilight all afternoon.

We were able to get the flower bed in front of the living room raked out and all the perennials cut back.  If the weather is rake worthy on Sunday we will continue around the north side and clear out the hosta beds around the sun room.

Early Saturday before we raked we changed out the magnetic weatherstripping on two doors at the Torrey Rd house.  Each door cost $17.95 to R&R (remove and replace) the weather stripping.  The magnetic weatherstripping was ineffective because of age.  The old pieces were compressed and no longer blocked the cold air from coming into the house.

R also R&R the dryer vent.  I purchased a unique dryer vent that is suppose to block the cold air from coming into your dryer and extending drying time and cooling off the laundry room. I'll do a blog post once I have had a chance to check out it's performance.  In theory it should work great but I want to see for myself before I say anything.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  I know, I did.  Lots and lots of good food.  Seriously, I can hardly move.  Too many goodies.  My sister out did herself in the cooking/baking category this year.