Sunday, February 12, 2017

Michigan Mitten Maps

One of the perks of living in Michigan is that you always have a Michigan map close at hand.  LOL

Last week while I was walking around the Flint Farmer's Market I found a vendor selling these cute mittens with the map of Michigan on them.  One hand has the lower peninsula and the other hand has the upper peninsula or as we here in Michigan call it "the U.P.".
 I've always been a mitten gal and prefer them over gloves. 

The mittens also came instructions on how to wear them and how to make the map.
My preferred way is to have the map on the palm side.  It's a personal preference thing.
We purchased the oak board to build another base for the antique grandfather clock that we recently acquired.  We also picked up four felt covered adjustable pads for the bottom of the base.  The felt will protect the wood floors and the adjust-ability will help us keep the clock level.  I read that it is important that the clock is level if you want it to run properly.  And a grandfather clock that doesn't run turns into a clothes rack and we already have one of's called a treadmill.

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