Monday, June 18, 2007

Free stuff.....gotta love it

In a previous post I mentioned that my camera quit working and that I needed to purchase another, hopefully smaller camera.......well, I did and it was free. Which has lead me in hot pursuit of more FREE stuff.

First I'll start with the camera. Friends and family know that I drive 70 miles to work and 70 miles home at least 6 days a week. This consumes ALOT of gasoline. I happen to know exactly how much fuel because last year I participated in a fuel additive study for our local TV station. In a nutshell I did pre additive fuel economy testing and testing with additive during my daily drive. So I know I get 21.7 mpg. As you can see I use a lot of gas. Don't worry I'm getting to the free camera part. I fill my vehicle up at Speedway gas stations and use my Speedy Rewards card. I recently redeemed my points for 8 $25.00 gift cards for Circuit City. I then purchased a 7.2 mega pixel Panasonic camera with a 6X zoom. It didn't cost me a single penny.

So...hmmmmm....what else can I get free?? Kinda like FREE stuff. Oh wait....a guy I work with has talked me into saving Coke bottle caps. Originally I was saving up points to enter their contest to win an autographed Tony Stewart helmet. But instead I just accumulated 1200 pts. and now I am getting more free stuff. FREE stuff like......A Diet Coke 25th anniversary commemorative silver bottle, a free 20 oz Coke product, a free Coca Cola memory stick, and free Coca Cola retractable ear buds (ear plugs). All FREE FREE FREE.....see more possible free stuff at My Coke Rewards

But the FREE stuff didn't stop there. I work for a very large corporation that gives their employees a 25 year gift. The employee can pick from a selection that ranges from jewelry to junk. I realized that although I had 31 yrs, I had never availed myself to this free stuff. So I did and I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new 10 inch, 15 amp table saw from Skil. It should come in handy when my Dad and I make the remaining shutters.

But WAIT.........there's more. I was cleaning out my purse and found a mailing from a local nursery in the area. Since I am a VIG member (very important gardener...what a hoot) I get a monthly mailing telling me I need this and that for my yard and flowers. I quickly opened it just to see what I was SUPPOSED to be buying when I noticed a coupon that said FREE. Yes....FREE 5" potted miniature rose. Hmmmmm...I like roses and well it's FREE. So I went to the nursery and they were all out of roses but don't worry....I got a FREE hydrangea instead.

So now I'm afraid I will have to enter rehab for my FREE STUFF addiction. Hey maybe I'll meet a celebrity or two........oh Lindsey...Brittany......maybe I can help them find some FREE underwear!!!!!

Oh and lest I forget....a gratuitous ...."Go Smoke"......Tony started 41st but lagged back on the start so he could start 43rd (last) and he finished in 3rd...way to go Smoke.