Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Back to the grind."

This past holiday weekend saw "The Gear" a virtual hub of activity. I bet you think I'll have tons of photos of me stripping. Nope.

First of all, I still haven't had a chance to try out my Silent Paint Remover. Some of the time it was too damp to use electricity and other times I was too busy mowing to stop and strip paint.

We rented a stump grinder this weekend. Of course, Roger was in seventh heaven. Oooooh baby...heavy equipment. Roger was able to grind out all the stumps in the yard. The stump grinder came with a helmet and ear protection. Neither of which Roger used. Several times I went over to him and said, "don't you think you should be wearing hearing protection?" To which he replied, "huh?" Exactly...I give up. He had on a pair of cheap sunglasses, so he felt that was enough protection. Throughout the weekend he never missed the opportunity to say......."well, back to the grind." Just what I need.......a husband who thinks he's funny and can't hear when I tell him he's not.

Sorry...no photos of this past weekend. Digital camera is no longer working. I had anticipated buying a smaller camera with more pixels and more memory capability for the wedding in October, but I guess I have to buy one now.