Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hail Hail the storm hit here!!!

During my two week vacation and I use that term "vacation" lightly, we had a brief very intense thunderstorm that produced quite a lot of hail. Here is a plant I was getting ready to put in the ground when the storm hit. Ironically it is called an Iceberg plant.

The storm knocked quite a few leaves and small branches off the trees. We lost one very large branch off the large oak in the front yard. There were places in the landscaping that looked like someone had broken open a bag of rock salt.

Disclaimer.......This past week I worked 7 days 12 hrs each day so the house did not get painted. As a matter of fact nuttin got done on the house. Tomorrow I need to mow the lawn at the Torrey Rd address so nuttin will get done at "The Gear" until Tuesday. Just warning all of you, so you don't expect too much out of me.

Also I was remiss and didn't give Tony Stewart a shout out for his win last week at Chicagoland. Goooooo Smoke.