Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Water, grow, and mow......repeat weekly from April to November

Today, I mowed the front yard at "The Gear". We really could use some rain. If it were not for the long green grass around all my fruit trees, I really wouldn't have needed to mow.

I think the root feeder/water is really doing a good job keeping the fruit trees watered. Also, I am sure it is far more efficient than letting water run off or evaporate. With the root feeder/waterer the water goes directly to the roots. It also has a little area where you can add fertilizer pellets for deep root feeding. The trees are looking good, even in the heat.

Today I changed the photo of Gear Acres to reflect it's current state. I then added the photo that I used Paint Shop to change the color from light yellow to dark grey. I thought maybe that would give some of you some relief...LOL.....until I can actually paint the house.

Looks like this Sunday we will be in Lansing watching our son race at Spartan Speedway. It will be his second outing in a WOMS midget. He did very well the first time out this past Saturday night, but shattered a brake rotor in the heat race and was done for the night.

Here's a before photo of the area along the drive that we cleared out, removed stumps, leveled, and then planted grass seed. Some of the thick brush had already been removed in the photo.
Here is a photo of the leveling process.......our shoulders were killing us. This part took two full days because of all the roots, slope, along with it being 90+ degrees.
And here is what it looks like now. The grass is coming in nicely. Looks better and with just the grass and level ground, it should be far easier to mow.