Monday, May 9, 2011

Too Many Things To Do

I have a list a mile long of things I want to do before I can do the things that I need to do. Geesh!

I have 3 very large flower beds that still need raking before the plants are too big. But first I need to dig up a dead apple tree that we have tried to pamper but to no avail. We have five other apple trees so we purchased a cherry tree tonight and a replacement oak tree.

While I was at Home Depot I noticed that they have one of my FAVORITE hostas available in a 4 inch pots. Yvonne and to Home Depot and get a couple of the hosta First Frost. This is a great hosta and very blue so make sure it is in constant shade or you will lose the blue by mid summer.

I also need to buy and plant my tomato plants....but first I need to finish making some more tomato cages. We made another tall style cage like the two we made last year. We now have 3 tall ones for string beans and cucumbers. We really want to grow a l0t this year because we feel that the produce will be costly this year. I am sure they will send a lot to Japan and then the flood along the Mississippi River will mean that they will not be growing any produce anytime soon. Then we have the Republicans wanting to cut food inspections so I would rather be safe than sorry.

On a side much has happened in the last week. Osama bin Laden sleeping with the fish, tornado out breaks in record numbers, and flooding along the Mississippi River.

I am hopeful that the terrorists that are still out there saw the expertise with which they found OBL and realize that their days are numbered. We can only hope that they will be so preoccupied with trying to evade the long arm of the US military that they no longer will have the means or desire to cause harm here in the USA.

Hopefully the flooding will cease and we realize that if we are going to build near rivers, we also need to build the needed quality flood control to go along with it. If they can hold back the ocean in the Netherlands...they can surely hold back a river or lake.