Friday, April 22, 2011

Cutting Up An Old Tree

Two years ago we had a large, half dead silver maple cut down. The tree trimmers took the brush and left us with a massive trunk to deal with in the mean time.

Fast forward two years.....massive trunk still laying where it landed.

We started cutting up the trunk late last week between rain storms. Not much was done since then because it has rained almost every day for the last week. We would cut a couple feet off of it whenever the rain would stop. Some days were brutally cold because of the dampness.Yesterday the last large piece was cut into three larges pieces. The pieces were loaded into the lawn tractor trailer and then it started raining again. So now the pieces are just sitting there in the trailer. Hopefully tomorrow we can get several hours of non rain and finish this job.
We still need to cut up the large Box Elder tree that is laying in the old abandon pool. As soon as we can burn all the brush, we should then be able to get in there and cut that tree up. Then it will be time to rent a Bobcat and pull up the concrete deck around the pool, then push the sides in, and then back fill.

I know that R loves renting Bobcats and skid steers so I know he'll want to get that project done sooner than later. Yup, men and their toys!