Friday, June 3, 2011

Gear Acres' Custom Bricks

The last stop on our road trip last week was to go to Wildcat Creek Brick Company in Flora, Indiana.

The bricks are great. Jim, the owner and head brick maker at Wildcat Creek Brick Company, made these bricks the same size as the vintage pavers that we bought and traded for last summer. I ordered 10 pavers and they will be scattered among the three brick projects we have planned for the next several years.The first brick project is the 36 inches of brick pavers that will be inset into the asphalt driveway just as you enter into the property through the wrought iron gates. The strip of bricks is suppose to be reminiscent of the 'yard of bricks' at the 'Brickyard' aka Indianapolis Motor Speedway. My Gear Acres paver will be placed in and among the vintage pavers and with the authentic 'Brickyard' paver that I already own.We had hoped to have this project done early this spring but due to a late warm up and excessive rain, that project has been pushed back until mid summer.

Wildcat Creek Brick Company can make 1 or a bazillion bricks or pavers with whatever you want emblazoned on them. They are heavy and would make a great door stop if you want just one. Just tell Jim what size you need. He has to cast the brick/paver larger than the desired finished size because the clay shrinks when fired.