Friday, June 10, 2011

It is raining horses!!!!

Well it is raining...yet again. Seems that of late, the only time it isn't raining is when it is 90+ degrees. Either way it has not been good weather for getting much of anything completed.

Last week was a busy one. First off it was hot and when it is hot in Michigan it is also humid. Even though it was hot outside we needed to stay cool as a cucumber when planning and executing a surprise 30th birthday party for my daughter in law, B. Her sister and mother hatched the idea and I tried to help covertly to get some odd jobs completed without raising suspicion. I'm sure B was muttering under her breath about her pushy mother in law...LOL

Remember the lights B and I installed on the outside of their home about 3 years ago? There were also 3 lights that needed to be installed on the back of their house. Between racing, rain, and heat we never got around to it. We knew that having a party that involved showing off her deck, we would need those lights installed. My son laid the groundwork and said he would ask me to help. I then lied by saying "if you need my help, I can only do it on Wednesday because this weekend I will be busy busy busy." The lights were installed. Looking good despite taking until 11pm.....LOL

We had a slight catastrophe on the morning of the party. B decided to rebuild a large picnic table that R had found in the trash 2 years ago. We on the other hand had planned to use the table for seating. My son text me in the morning saying that B had just used the Sawzall to cut all the wood off the metal frame of the picnic table.....LOL Oh well.

Later that day G took B for a motorcycle ride and to see a 3D version of the new Pirates movie. Unbeknownst to B.....we were receiving updates and photos of B throughout the day. Including a photo of her inside the theater with her wearing the 3D glasses.

Finally at 6pm they rolled in.The birthday girl was surprised.
The deck looked good.
Birthday girl got the first string pull on the pinata.
We then went by age. Youngest to oldest.
The last string did the trick.The birthday party was a success despite my melted key lime pie and dried out angel food cake roll. I think the pie was good but the cake was dried out because of the A/C and ceiling fans that were needed to keep the house some what cool.

Raining horses? As I was walking to the mailbox in the rain, I noticed two horses gallop by and stop in my neighbors yard.Now that isn't something you see every day.
And they were off.
I understand that they came from a farm several miles down the road. They are now safely home and I am drenched. I had to stand in the road to keep traffic from hitting them. I'm surprised that there was not an accident because at least five cars had to slam on their brakes when they finally noticed the police lights and cars parked on the shoulder of the road. Some people drive without looking beyond the hood of their vehicle.