Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sorry for the absence......Part 1

Where do I begin.

The first of November I came down with a cold after R got a small case of the sniffles. I was not so lucky. When I realized that I would not get better before November 17th (start of vacay with family and friends) I ran to the doctor. Bed rest and antibiotics did the trick and we departed for Riviera Maya and the El Dorado Resort and Spa. I was feeling only slightly tired but that may well have been from the 6AM departure and the 330AM alarm.

Our vacation was perfect.

The El Dorado was everything you could want and more. A large variety of restaurants, pools, and activities was perfect for our group which was eclectic in age (30 to just under 60) and interests. Besides the pool side sunning and numerous drink sipping, members of our group went horse back riding, played tennis, karaokeed (Gibby was robbed by a professional songstress), attended a cooking class, exercised by doing pool aerobics, played Frisbee in the pool until our arms felt like they were going to fall off, toured the hydroponic area where they grew all their own veggies, received massages, dine at sunset dinners, and ate and ate and ate.

There was also wine and tequila tasting and air rifle (G was disappointed that he missed that) shooting. We went into Playa del Carmin several times for souvenirs. R even had his photo taken with a lizard.Every night offered some sort of entertainment. The best was the karaoke contest with Gib singing the Grand Funk (Flint Michigan band) hit, Some Kind of Wonderful . He was great and did our group and Michigan proud.

Everyone was so nice and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The food was great and my favorite was a lunch time gazpacho made of pureed papaya garnished with spoonfuls of avocado. I swear I could eat that everyday. R stuck with steak which really wasn't a surprise.

We came back in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping and it's been downhill since then.