Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tankless Heater Day 2 and 3

Let me see...where did I leave off?

Day 2 was a day of chipping away a little concrete block and brick and then try the PVC pipes, remove the PVC pipes and chip away a little more. This went on all afternoon until we could install the PVC intake and exhaust pipes and maintain the 1/4 inch per foot decline for proper condensation drainage. this keeps any condensation from running back into the unit.

We decided that filling the entire cavity with cement would take several applications and forever to cure so we went with plan B. Plan B was to fill the majority of the cavity with spray foam. But before spraying we needed to fill any voids in the concrete blocks.

Wadded up plastic grocery bags worked perfect. Once we had every nook and cranny jammed packed with wadded up grocery bags we sprayed the foam insulation making sure to get all around both pipes. This used exactly 1 can of spray foam. We called it quits for the day and let the foam cure overnight.

Day 3 started with trimming the cured spray foam. R trimmed the foam so that he would only need about an inch thickness of quick drying cement on both the inside and outside of the vent pipes. This particular unit has a very nice two piece cover for the intake and exhaust which also acts to hold the pipes in place until the cement hardens.We also installed the remote thermostat next to the wall unit in the basement. You could also opt for installing it upstairs next to your furnace thermostat but our ceiling is finished in the basement which made this option a no go.By afternoon we had decided that it would take us another entire day to plumb and run a new larger 3/4 inch gas line so we opted to call in a plumber. They (a team of 2 journeyman plumbers) stopped by around 4PM to give us an estimate and look over the job that we had done. Including materials the cost would be $600.00. Dang...I wish I had that 600 bucks I wasted on the totally useless pressure assisted Kohler toilet.

The plan was for them to show up at 10AM the next day and the estimated time for the remainder of the installation was 3 hours. In the meantime R filled the remaining void around the intake and exhaust pipes with quick drying cement.
Day 4 can't come fast enough.

Update on my dad....Both my mother and I were unable to go to the hospital because neither of us were feeling well. My sister visited my dad and found him sitting in a chair, awake, and watching Judge Judy on TV. It's a miracle. He has no recollection of his ordeal and says he hasn't seen anyone in a long time.....LOL despite the fact that we have been there all along. R says if my dad can't remember anything, tell him he (R) had visited him 62 times!!!

He will be transferred to the 4th floor when a bed becomes available. No more 2nd floor. He has come too far for them to sabotage his recovery a second time.

He still has a long road ahead of him. His muscles are extremely weak and his swallowing reflex is still slow.