Friday, July 6, 2012

Bat Houses

I purchased 2 bat houses for The Gear.  Bats are skeeter eating fools so I figured I would give them a nice little abode to hang out in to reward them for munching on those blood sucking skeeters.

eBay has numerous sellers that sell bat houses so I won't give out this seller's name.  The houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most any application.  We thought these best fit our needs.

Before installing the boxes we need to make several repairs to seams that are coming apart.  We also want to prime and paint them white and maybe add a little bat silhouette at the top. 

As most of you's just been too hot to do much of anything but we did manage to get another 1/2 yard of the small rocks to finish around the roses that edge the driveway.  It was a cloudy day and although it was hot the lack of sunshine made it bearable.

It started to sprinkle halfway through the pile, so we just kept shoveling. The rain was actually warm and reminded us of when we were caught in the rain in Jamaica.  But then it started to thunder and the thought of holding a metal tool and leaning against a metal vehicle very quickly became less attractive. 

We stood in the barn while it poured.  This gave us an rare opportunity to see how and where the runoff water goes to during a big downpour.

Once the rain subsided a bit, we were back to shoveling and finished up before the next downpour.

Unfortunately between that rainstorm and last night's storm, we now have several hours worth of tree limbs and twigs to pick up.  One of our plum trees split right down the center.  We are hoping to save half of it but it will be misshaped.  Such a shame because it was perfectly shaped.

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