Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sanding Vintage Storm Doors

The heat and drought continues here in Michigan.  What little rains that comes into Michigan...misses us every time.  We spend a great deal of our day watering plants and trees just to keep them from dying.

When we are not watering....we are sanding.  Over the past 5 years I have accumulated a collection of vintage wood storm doors.  Since it is still too hot to shingle, we have decided to sand the doors.  Why now?  Well, because we can move the doors to the shade to sand them.

I previously stripped the paint off of these doors with a heat gun but never got around to sanding them.  Along with sanding them we have also been fixing chips, screw holes, and rot using universal filler.  These doors will receive a coat of primer then a coat of semi gloss white.

The door that needed the most work is a storm door that was given to me that not only has the screen insert but also the glass insert. This storm door is different from the rest but that is OK because it is going on the barn loft door.  I previously completely disassembled this door and then reassembled and glued the joints.

The other wood storm doors only need the screw holes filled and one door has the hinges on the wrong side so I need to fill that and the handle holes.

I have also sanded the wood around the living room windows.  Tomorrow I will fill the million screw holes from various storm window hardware.  We also swapped the center window storm window with the center storm window on the other side of the living room.  The windows are the same size but they just didn't fit perfectly.  Now the gap around the edge is the same all the way around.  We also worked on the hangers so that the storm windows fit tight and do not rattle.  Soon we will be ready for the primer coat.
I will glaze the storm windows when I remove the storm windows to paint the trim.  The storm windows need a little more sanding on he edges.  These storm windows are in pretty good condition.  The other living room storm windows have some rot and have a LOT of paint left to remove.

The next storm windows on the list are the dining room windows.  They are loose and rattle, have missing hangers, and need repositioned in the opening so that the gap is consistent around the entire storm window.

Fun fun fun!  

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  1. Jan, Where have you been? I miss reading your posts on your blog. Judy


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