Thursday, April 4, 2013

Uncovering new paint layers

The final dining room paint stripping areas are all the undesirable spots.  You know...above your head or at the floor and the narrow little areas between the three windows.  I also have a few tight spots left that require holding the heat gun with one hand while scraping in a very small area.  I have burnt my hand far too many times and I am now heat gun shy.

I scraped until my shoulder hurt so I walked around with my hot heat gun looking for fresh paint to scrap when I lost all self control and started scraping under the newly revealed niche in the foyer.  It seems that the niche stayed the same mustard gold for a long time but the rest of the foyer looks to have been painted a bazillion times.  Until I actually count all the layers...I'll stick with a bazillion.

Despite the additional layers the paint came off fairly easy.  I've uncovered a dark mocha brown, the sage green that shows up in the living room, and a new dark green layer. 

I hear that we have warmer weather heading our way.  Today was actually sunny and 52 but it felt much much colder.  The flower beds needs raking before the bulbs get too tall.  At this time last year the trees were budding and it had already reached 80 degrees.  Although that was nice it was bad for the trees but it's time to warm up and get on with spring.