Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where's spring? and more scraping

Seriously, could the weather report get anymore wrong?  Predicted close to 60 and sunny when in actuality it was about 44 degrees, cloudy, and so windy that it felt like 20 degrees.  This meant we stayed inside and I scraped and R studded out the area where we removed a door.

I made good progress on paint removal around the newly uncovered niche.  By mid afternoon R started complaining about how cold it was in the house and that he hadn't heard the furnace kick on in quite awhile.  I immediately thought...'oh great, it's always something' when I looked in front of me and noticed that the thermostat indicated the room was 90 degrees.  Oops!!! I guess a LITTLE residual heat from the heat gun made it's way to the thermostat.

Why can't I rotate this photo???

The paint is coming off the foyer walls a lot easier than in the dining room.  Tomorrow I hope to finish the wall that I am currently scraping.  This would then leave me just narrow areas between the doors and dining room opening.

I tried to take a close up photo of the different colors of paint that I have uncovered but the photo doesn't capture the true colors (as I typed that, I could hear Cyndi Lauper singing).

The mocha brown was a very early layer, then a light tan, dark green, then the Mamie pink and finally white.

Of course I am still working on the little strip of paint by the crown in the dining room.  I am down to the area above two doors.  The paint is very hard to remove and because I am working over my head, I can only scrape for about 30 minutes. 

All this paint removal has me thinking about colors.  I thought I knew what I wanted but maybe not.

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