Saturday, August 3, 2013

Curbside Treasure Part 1

We were returning from R's coffee run when we both noticed something that had been put to the curb for trash pick up.  Ironically we both thought that only one item was at the curb when in fact there were two items.  I saw one item and he saw another item.  I was driving so I turned around and went back.
Out to the curb was a cute little painted dresser.  I didn't measure it but I am guessing maybe 12-15 inches wide and 40 inches tall with cute little ball feet.

I've been looking for a small dresser for the master bath and this will work perfect.
Is that not precious? 

Tomorrow I will show you what R's part of the curbside treasure is and here's a little hint......he really scored BIG!

On a side note.....yea!!!! I finally figured out how to insert photos without using a cord.  My new laptop has a slot for an SD card.