Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Woodpile is shrinking and slate walkway is growing

Finger crossed that the last of the woodpile will go bye bye on Sunday.  The guy that took a lot of our wood last year has answered our call again this year to 'please take the rest of the wood'.

We have slowly been adding more slate to our walkway from the deck stairs to the back of the barn.  The plan is to build our compost bins on the back side of the barn.  A walkway will make for a nicer trip to the compost bins in the winter.  We are using slate that has been removed from around the swimming pool.

I laid the last two pieces today and once the weather cools a bit, R will plant moss between the newly laid pieces.  He planted some earlier in the year and they are growing nicely.

Today was spent weed whacking weeds and hand cutting wild raspberry canes from the back side of the pool house/garden shed.  I'm hoping if I cut back everything including the lilies of the valley only the weeds and raspberry canes will regrow this year.  I can then spray them with Round Up and maybe just maybe next year I will have just lilies of the valley come up in the spring.  The smell is just unbelievable and I would really like to be able to enjoy .

The wild raspberry canes are vicious and as much as I tried to be careful, I ended up bleeding.  There is at least another day of cutting down vegetation before we can rake up the area.  I'm finding old asphalt shingles and pieces of cedar shingles that have broken off over the years.

I'm really getting antsy to paint that small building.  This will allow us to fine tune our color choices on a smaller scale.  The body color will be a dark grey and the trim will be a crisp white.  We are unsure about the door color.  I thought I wanted to paint them a lighter version of the grey but now I am leaning toward white.

Summer is fading fast.  Tonight we noticed how it was starting to get dark sooner.  Bummer