Friday, January 24, 2014

I might make the deadline

......did I just jinx myself?

I've been scraping away for about 4-5 hours a day.  That's just about the most time my thumb can endure pushing on the handle of the putty knife.

I have to scrape the area above the windows by the crown and of course the corner and part of the alcove shelf area.  Basically all undesirable scraping spots.

R added some fire block today in the ceiling between the laundry room/old butler's pantry and the kitchen.  He has finished insulating the ceiling and is ready to move on to installing some more bead board panels.  But first he has to pick up all the tools.  I swear that nearly every tool we own is currently laying on the floor of the kitchen.

This weather really keeps us limited to inside projects where we already have the needed supplies.  It seems that every day it snows just enough to make the roads slippery.  Since it is below 10 degrees they cannot salt or brine the roads.

The weather forecast is that this weather will continue for two more weeks.  Now would be a good time for the weatherman to be wrong.