Friday, January 31, 2014

I called that one

You know...I didn't just fall off the turnip truck or I guess in my case, I didn't just fall off the snow plow. I should have known better than to predict a completion date.  That should be rule number one for any home improvement project.  Never under any circumstance predict a completion date.  To do so will result in sadness, disappointment, and home improvement heartbreak.

I no sooner posted that I might make the self imposed deadline when after scraping one more day....I got sick and haven't done anything but watch 4 years worth of episodes of Downton Abby. No progress on the house but I now know that Mrs. Patamore isn't a 'frolicker'.  But that isn't as important as knowing that the Dowager Countess doesn't know what a weekend is and that Anna and Mr. Bates are back to living together.  Living under the rules of an entail must be a b@#$h.

But none the less I can't say when I'll finish.  It's snowing now but in 36 hours we are suppose to get another 7 inches.  Of course it is nothing like the whole TWO inches they got in Atlanta.  Here's a couple of words of advice to you people in the south that live with 350 days of perfect weather. Stay at home when the weather gets bad. The more the merrier doesn't work during a snow or ice storm.  You must stay off the roads.  Accidents breed exponentially during these weather events. One accident causes two more and those two cause an additional 4 more etc etc.

I just deleted a weather rant so back to paint scraping.  The photo below is over exposed but it shows the condition of the remaining original baseboard.  Notice the huge crack? And the two huge screws?  How about how far away from the wall it is and how much caulk still needs to be removed?

This is my guess of what happened here.  We had to patch the floor where they removed the radiator here and there are a lot of water stains on the floors, I'm thinking that water and heat cracked the wood.

While scraping I have a lot of time to think and look around.  I believe that once we remove the baseboard in this room and I cut out the bad spots and biscuit join the remaining large pieces I should have enough to do the short walls and one long wall.  I should also have enough to fix the area where we removed the ill located cold air return in the foyer.  The remaining long wall will need new baseboard as well as the dining room.

What's R been up to while I've been under the weather.  Well, I guess it goes without saying that he shovels just about every day.  If it doesn't snow, the snow plow will still go by to try and tidy up the side of the road. This will fill the end of the driveway with hard chunks of snow making it impossible to drive through.  When he wasn't shoveling he finished insulating the ceiling in the kitchen but we haven't had a chance to install anymore bead board paneling.

Tomorrow I am actually going to try and get something done.

FYI You can watch episodes of Downton Abby by going to Simply June  This site also has season one and two of The Paradise.  Season two hasn't even aired yet here in the US.