Friday, October 10, 2014

Who let the shutter dogs out??

Woof woof!!!

Thank heaven it wasn't windy today because we were itching to get up on that ladder and finish this part of the project.

Yesterday we tried to do as much prep work as possible so that it kept the amount of drilling and screwing to a minimum once R was on the ladder.

Here we go.....

First off we installed the shutter dogs to the living room shutters.  We did this window first so that we could decide where and how to install the shutter dogs while we were still on Terra firma. Installation was quick once we decided on the placement.  We went with bottom placement as opposed to side placement.  With the addition of the pull rings yesterday, a side placement would be just too busy.

R drilled a pilot hole slightly smaller than the screw and then used a socket and ratchet to install the screw.  The head was a square head so you can only use a 12 point socket.   This is the only time you should use a 12 point socket because during normal use a 12 point socket will round off a bolt or nut that is tight if you don't keep the socket completely straight.

Next up was the small shutter install on the left side of the small window.  I held on to the shutter through the little window while R drilled a pilot hole using the pilot hole in the shutter as a guide.  he then installed the screw but didn't completely tighten it.  He then used a level to make sure the shutter was straight and then drilled the second pilot hole using the other predrilled pilot hole.  Next was tightening the large screws, installing the small screws for the strap hinge (predrilled), and then the shutter dog.

We then moved the ladder to the other side and R fixed the drip edge boo boo.  We repeated the process for the right side shutter.

Last but not least was the storm window install and it was a wrap.

We love the look and are pleased with the outcome.  Tomorrow we are going to back fill around the window well and work on the front door/entry project. 

 Now the ladder can go back to my sister and brother in law.  Thankfully we didn't have any ladder accidents and the only boo boo was to the drip edge.  So all was good.