Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Autumn Window Box Decoration

I just had to fill the window box with something after all these years of having an empty window box. These artificial flowers were purchased many many years ago on clearance at a Rite Aid drugstore. 
Artificial flowers are not my thing but here in the north it is the only way to have any color after the first of October.    
This faux pumpkin was found in a bag along with the flowers and I thought "what the heck" and put it in the window box along with a real gourd that I found growing in my side yard.
It's exciting to finally be able to 'decorate' and not just 'fix' or 'repair'.
You may have noticed that the screw heads are not painted.  I forgot to spray them before we installed them and did not want to wait for the paint to dry before installing them.  So as soon as we are done with the rainy weather that we are suppose to have for the next few days I will touch them up with a small artist brush.