Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tree Cutting and Blog Comments

I mentioned that we cut down a large box elder tree that was hanging over the old tennis court.  We have the large part cut up into small chunks and several huge piles of small branches.  Our problem is that because it is inside the fenced in tennis court, we need to haul out the pieces in a small cart and then pull them uphill and into the front side yard where we have a humongous pile of cut wood.

Needless to say, this has been slow going.  But it does look a lot better.  R still needs to trim down the stump but right now there is snow on the ground and he needs to stand on the side of a slope to cut off the stump so we may wait until warmer drier weather to do that.

I was shocked to find out that I had oodles of comments that I was unaware of and went unpublished. There must be a problem because I am suppose to get a notification so I can publish the comment.  I think I will unable the comment moderation and keep my fingers crossed that the spammers do not come back.  In the mean time I published all the comments but I noticed that some did not generate an email notification.  I know that those who use google+ have their comments automatically posted so that might be an option for those who's comments are not coming through.

In the mean time, I am sorry if it looked like I was ignoring your comments because I always enjoy hearing from readers.  Marti.....I am really having a problem with your comments.  I published them but did not get a notification of publish so I cannot check to see if they actually published because I forgot which posts were the ones that you commented on.

In other news....I'll take a photo of the new dryer vent and let you guys know whether we love it or not. Doesn't that sound interesting?????  I also need to up date the solar lights that we installed on our eave troughs.