Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Winter Blahs, Curbside Treasures, Vintage Shower Head

I just want it to be 32 degrees.  This bitter cold makes you want to stay inside and do nothing and that's pretty much what we have done this past week....NOTHING.

We braved outside temps in the teens and twenties and finished removing all the cut wood and brush. About 90% of the brush has been burned but the snow is now too deep to finish burning.  Today's temps were in the single digits but at least we are not getting a lot of snow like on the east coast.  I guess that is sort of a silver lining.......maybe???

Before we went into hibernation mode we did score several curbside treasures.  That's usually a spring, summer, and fall phenomenon but leave it to R to spot something cool.  He found two pressed back oak chairs in wonderful condition. Unfortunately they were not my style, so off to CraigsList they went and two days later we had 40 bucks.  So what did we do with the free cash?

We bought a huge vintage shower head.  Why?  I don't know.....LOL  We just thought it would look cool if we ever had an outdoor shower.  The shower head is huge and has a chain to turn on the water and weighs about 10 pounds.

Trips to Goodwill to drop off items that are still good, but are a pain to sell, have been happening quite frequently lately.  One day on the way home from Goodwill we spotted a round solid oak pedestal table with claw feet.  The reason it was at the curb was because it has tile inlay on the top and the tile was cracked other than that, the table was fine.  So we threw it in the barn and I'll list it in the spring on CraigsList.  Maybe I can make a few bucks and buy something else that we don't need.