Sunday, March 22, 2015

Killer Deals on Rain Barrels

This is just a quickie post to let everyone know about a great sale going on at Sears (no this is not a sponsored post).

Sears is having a sale online and anything over 59 bucks has free shipping in addition to the sale price.  I have been looking for rain barrels for the last two years.  What I have found are either ugly, expensive, or shipping made them cost prohibitive.  But lucky me I found the rain barrel of my dreams.
I wanted a rain barrel that is going to blend with my house.  So many of the barrels that I saw were terra cotta color and that just isn't going to blend with my dark grey house.  This barrel is made from recycled materials AND grey.  From what I can tell from the photo, it might just be the perfect shade of grey.  As you may already know..... there are 50 shades of grey..........yes, I went there....not to the movie but the reference.

The price is still kind of steep BUT there are savings to be had if you use this sale AND Ebates.  The original price of this barrel is $221.09 YIKES!!!! but it is on sale for $103.25 for a savings of $117.84.  It qualifies for free shipping, so you save yourself time AND money.  Plus, if you go to the Sears website directly from Ebates after signing up here, you will save an additional 6%.

Sears also has other rain barrels that you can purchase if this grey barrel isn't your cup of tea.  I know the price of barrels are not cheap but when you figure in the cost of water and the chance that your area may or may not have water restrictions, now might be the time to bite the bullet and spring for a rain barrel while they are on sale.

I'm buying 3 barrels to collect the water off of the barn roof and then 1 barrel for the back of the house.  I hope to collect enough rain water to be able to eliminate the need to use tap water for watering my plants.  We have well water so when we water our plants, we use electricity.  If you have city water then you are paying by the gallon to water your plants.  But if you use rain water it is FREE! plus rain water is FREE of added chemicals.