Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rain Barrels Have Arrived!

That was fast. I ordered the rain barrels last Sunday and the delivery truck backed into my driveway on Saturday afternoon.  I was really excited but then the cynical me thought "that was awfully fast, there just has to be something wrong."

The first thing that I did was inspect the boxes for damage.  All the boxes looked good.  Then I remembered that the rain barrel was offered in several colors so I needed to open the boxes to check the color.

It will be several months before we set these rain barrels up and use them so I want to leave them in the boxes.  I can open the boxes and look in to see the color once I cut the tape on the top flaps.

Hallelujah!!!!!  They are all grey.
R stored the 4 boxes in the garden shed and we went back to burning twigs and branches and raking leaves.  Not much else can be done when the weather barely gets to 40 degrees.

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