Friday, April 24, 2015

Working around the cold weather

My painting plans flew right out the door.  It has been so cold and windy that it's impossible to work on anything outside especially since I am still wearing flip flops.  I'm going to try a soft shoe tomorrow if I can find a pair that will not put any pressure on the burned area.  I'm just thankful that the stinging has gone away.

I need my foot to heal before Mother's Day.  My daughter in law and her sister take their mother and me out to lunch and a pedicure for Mother's Day.  Two years ago I dropped my camera in the foot bath when the manicurist grabbed my foot AND last year I had a broken ankle.  So I really don't want to be THAT person again this year.

Yesterday we went to our local nursery and bought 10 tomato plants and 4 pepper plants.  It will be at least three more weeks until we can plant so we are going to repot them into larger pots and grow our own 'cheater plants'.  That's what we call the large tomato plants that you can buy and that sometimes already have flowers and fruit on them.

The last few years we have bought the heirloom type of plants.  The first year we had a ton of tomatoes but the next three years the yield has been lean.  Not only did we have less fruit but we also experienced a lot of tomato wilt.  We are relocating our tomato plants and hope that helps but we are also limiting our plants to just Beefsteak, Roma, Early Girl, and Sweet 100.  We still need to buy a few Hungarian sweet peppers for R because he loves them and we are going to try Brussels sprouts again but this time we need to bunny proof the plants.

Last fall we planted three varieties of garlic and they have all sprouted and are looking good.  My fingers are crossed that they grow big and dry correctly.  This is only the second time I have tried to grow garlic.  The first time I planted in the spring, which is wrong for our area, so my results were all green tops and hardly anything below.

Today we went to Tractor Supply to buy fish emulsion but they didn't have any on the shelf.  They did have baby ducks and baby chicks.  They were so cute.  R was smitten.  But I had to remind him that we first have to build a coop THEN get the chicks.  Can't put the cart before the horse or in this case the chicks before the coop.

So what DID I buy at the farm store???  A top and not the spinning kind either.  What kind of person buys clothes at the farm store??  AND I don't even have a farm.  R bought a package of valve stems. We lead very exciting lives....NOT.

Here is a photo of the front door with two coats of primer.  It's just begging for a top coat but I've resisted because of the wind.  The front door needs to have a nice finish on the door because people get really up close and personal to the front door.  So I am resisting the urge until the weather is right.

Notice the metal swan next to the flower pot?  R bought that at a garage sale for a buck. See the sticker?  He loves his garage sales.  It will get a new coat of white, black for the little eye, and yellow for the bill.  The blue paint will go buh bye.

R nabbed the first curbside treasure of the spring.  I'm going to do a before and after so you will have to wait to see what he found.