Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bird Bath Bowl Install

Say that three times.....real fast.

The worker who helped R load on Monday, told him that the bird bath top weighed 150 lbs.  So on the ride home we talked about how we were going to get it out of the bed of the truck and then onto the pedestal without breaking it and both of us during that process.  We came up with nothing during the ride home.

So today we decided that we should at least back the truck up to the pedestal.  So R backed up the truck and avoided driving over plants and hitting trees.  We dropped the tail gate and then stood there just looking at this heavy concrete thing in the truck and the concrete pedestal it had to sit atop.

Since we still hadn't come up with a plan we decided to make sure the pedestal and the patio slab it was sitting on were level.  It was almost level so we added a little soil to the back of the slab and re positioned the pedestal and rechecked for level.  It was level so now we had to do something because we could not continue to drive around with it in the back of the truck.

I suggested boards from the tailgate to saw horses next to the pedestal because I figured I might have enough strength for a 5 second burst of power to lift it up 4 inches and over 6 inches.  R went to the barn to get the saw horses and boards.  He came back with the aluminum platform ladder that I use when I paint and several 6 inch wide boards.

We lifted up one edge of the bowl and got it into the boards.  We then rocked the bowl back and forth as it moved along the boards.  The boards were close enough that the bottom of the bowl straddled both the boards and the top of the pedestal.  One final tug resulted in the bowl falling into place.

After that we planted tomatoes, peppers, shallots, and Brussell sprouts and I just read that we might get a frost tomorrow.  The weather has been really weird.  It's 80 degrees one day and 56 the next.

Tomorrow is a clean up day after I get back home from a doctor appointment.  We need to move some items in the barn and make room for the new mower.