Monday, May 4, 2015

Front Door Update

The weather was beautiful today.  Mostly sunny and a high of 80 degrees.  I don't know what happened to our 60 and 70 degree weather because we went from 55 to 80 all in one jump.  The weather forecast is for rain and storms for the next week so it was time to get busy with the front door.

I think that waiting 3 or 4 days from the time we painted until today was a good idea. The paint was fully cured when we installed the door knocker and iron straps and so we did not have to worry about finger prints, etc.

Yesterday, I gave all the wrought iron pieces a spray coat of black satin paint and let them dry over night so they were ready to install today.
We still need to install the door handle but R wants to take the lock set apart to clean and lubricate it before it is re install.  AND I still need to find the cast iron door mat.

 The second mowing so far this spring.  I think I can hear the grass growing.
Daffodils survived the deer......the tulips.....not so much.  I think I spy just one tulip.
The hostas are all sprouting......oh happy days.
Yikes!!!! We haven't raked this side yet.
The garlic is growing and looking good.  I planted three types and you can see how they are different heights and leaf shapes.
I ran out of time last fall and the snow was coming so I just buried all the plants in their pots.  Three Knock Out roses and about 8 hostas.  All the plants looks like they are growing nicely.  You can see how dry the soil is right now because we have had very little rain. The rain is needed but such an inconvenience when it comes to painting and raking. 

This weeks agenda is raking, painting, call the flag pole people about moving our original flag pole to another location, call the custom window people and make appointment for them to give us an estimate on replacing the non original windows with the correct style of windows (I hope I do not faint when they give me the estimate), and in between rain drops mow the Torrey Rd house back yard (over 1 acre).

Fingers crossed that I get at least some of those items crossed off my list.