Friday, April 29, 2016

The First Mow of the Summer and Very Old Family Photos

All winter long I day dream about mowing the lawn and enjoying the sunshine and it's warmth as I ride around and around.  But sadly the first mow of the year was cold and unpleasant.  I had to wear a hoodie under my winter coat to protect my ears from the cold wind and boots on my feet just in case I needed to step onto a soggy area of the lawn.  Guess what?  It's raining again.

So what do you do when it's raining and sleeting outside???  You walk around outside looking at concrete pots and assorted lawn items while using a large golf umbrella to keep the rain and sleet off. It kept me dry but I was continually poking my husband in the eye when I would spin around and say "what about this one?"

We bought a large, fairly plain concrete pot to replace the faux concrete pot that is deteriorating around the bottom.  This concrete business is closing and I was able to get the large pot for 20 bucks. I know, unreal...right?  They had some fabulous pots (not pot but POTS) but they were a little too fancy for our Cape Cod style home.

On our way home we stopped at the new farmer's market along I 69 in Davison.  It's a nice facility but holy moley it was quite pricey.  I always expect to pay more for farm fresh but wow the only thing that didn't make me want to faint when I looked at the price tag was a pint of organic, no GMO, chocolate milk.
So I bought it and drank it before we got back on the highway.  R took one sip.  He said it was too thick. No such thing.  I'm a whole milk drinker.  Can't help it.  Grey colored milk just doesn't do it for me.  I wish I had another pint to go with this health food bar that I am eating right now.  It's one of those Nature's Bakery fig bars.  They sponsor Danica in NASCAR so I thought I'd give them a try. They are non GMO, dairy free, zero trans fat, and cholesterol free so I think there was plenty of room for a pint of thick chocolate whole milk.  Am I right?  BTW the raspberry fig was very tasty.

Once we were home, I started poking around on My sister and I found several old photos while going through my mother's stuff and that peaked my interest in what was out there and all I can say is OH MY GOSH.

Take a look at these fun bunch of people....LOL  The irony is that my mother was always sweeping. Who knew it was in her genes.
 That is my grandfather on the far right in the dapper suit and straw hat.

I see they are working on their barn too.  Must run in the family.  The couple below are my maternal grandparents...Alberta and Russell.  He really loved those straw hats. Very Maurice Chevalier.  Must be a French thing.

And then I found this little nugget.  The grave marker to my 5th great grandfather who fought in the Revolutionary War.
We really need to get back to working on the house because during my mother's eulogy, the Monsignor asked me "when was I going to finish my house?"  It drew a chuckle from those that know the inside story but I am sure some of my mother's friends were thinking..."whaaaat?"

My mother, in healthier times, used to always say "are you going to finish that house before I die?" I told Monsignor Jerry that the first thing my mother probably said to my father was "I told you she would never finish that house.".....LOL  So now I have extra incentive to get the outside of the house completed.  So Mom if you have any pull with the big guy up there....please make it stop raining, I am not building an ark and I can't paint when the shingles are damp.  Thank you in advance for any help you can throw my way where the weather is concerned.