Monday, May 2, 2016

Some nice looking pots

I like juxtaposition.  Especially in my pairing of paintings and frames.   Nothing better than an abstract painting in an elaborate fancy antique frame.  But apparently that juxtaposition loving applies to my flower pots, too.

I guess it's no secret that my sister and I have been on a concrete lawn ornament buying binge since my mother's passing.  No lie, I guess we all deal with our grief differently.  We've been there three times and then I dragged my husband there making it 4 times for me.
So when I purchased the large concrete pot I felt like it needed something shiny to play off all that rough dull concrete.  Shiny I found at the nursery while I was buying blueberries bushes.
Also there is that odd number rule where they (who are they?) say that odd number items are more pleasing to the eye.  Plus, I am trying real hard to fight that need to make everything symmetrical and balanced.  So my eyes were very pleased to find two different sizes of these black glazed pots in a shape and style very similar to the concrete pot.  Yes, my eyes were pleased.

Now the next dilemma is what will be the color combo this year.  I really loved the purple, yellow, white thing I had going on last year BUT there are so many colors to chose from so maybe I'll do the pink, red, white, and of course purple combo.

Just sister called and said her husband almost ran over her concrete pheasant.  The horror!!!
We are still debating if it was premeditated or just a near miss.