Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hidden Window

We finished moving the upright video games so we could get to the wall where we will install the new windows.  I knew that there was a small window concealed in the wall but I couldn't see all of the window until now.
The ropes are still intact but the glass panes in the upper sash are broke. The shingle nails came through the sheathing and hit the glass.  That's an easy fix.

This window will eventually find a home in the walkout area of the basement where the current entry door is located.  That door will move to another more accessible location.

The photo doesn't show the original wall color very well but it's a great color of green, like a pale version of apple green.  This might have just solved my dilemma with picking a green color for the house.  

It looks like the room was originally the green color, then Mamie Eisenhower pink, and finally white. We also uncovered  some original base board.  That will come in handy when we do repairs in the living room.

This wall is the original plaster and has a lot of damage.  The rest of the room is drywall.  We plan to gut the room so that we can insulate and run new electrical.  But for the time being we will only remove this section of plaster and the drywall around the current sliding door so that we can add our two exterior lights.

We are all caught up on our mowing and we have 2 or 3 days of cool dry weather to get things done before we get 5 days of rain.  Let's hope the forecast is wrong because it's cooling off fast.


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