Monday, October 31, 2016

Removing a window....

.....and installing a window.
The new window unit is under the blue tarp and the wall it is leaning against is where the window unit will be installed.  It's identical to the window units on the other side of the patio door and in the kitchen.
This is what the wall looks like on the inside.  When we purchased this house there were funky cabinets built here.  We removed the cabinets and found a small window.  This window will eventually find it's way to the basement where it will give us more light and fresh air.  
You can see in the photo above that the window took quite the beating.  Someone hacked off the sill and shingle nails came through the sheathing and broke half the panes.  The window weights are still in place and the ropes are not broke.  Yea!!!  But there are several muntin bars that need gluing because they are broke.  But for now we are happy to have an original window to use elsewhere.
This wall was plaster over wire mesh.  Not all the walls in this room are plaster, so all the walls will be stripped to the stud and drywalled.  This will allow us to add additional outlets, insulate, and inspect for active knob and tube.  It will also expose the back side of one of the kitchen walls so we can also look for knob and tube in the kitchen.
This wall did have some old blown in insulation but of course that all fell out when we removed the wire mesh.  That's OK because we prefer foam insulation.
We first measured the placement of the other window so that this window will be the same height and distance from the patio door.  We then hauled out the long level and the laser level and marked the studs for the correct height so they match the other window.  We couldn't measure up from the floor because the floor is very very unlevel.
 This is where we left off.  We saved all the studs that we cut off so we can use them elsewhere.  They are fir and true 2X4's.  You can see that the sheathing has a lot of cracks and splits. We will need to fix that after the opening is framed in but before the window is installed. 
I found this sycamore leaf in the yard.  It is a full 12 inches across.  Some day when I have time I would love to press and frame a leaf from each type of tree that I have in my yard.  Maybe frame them in simple frames and hang them in my mudroom.
 Update on the fungus in the yard.  The cap now has a more cap like appearance instead of a ball shape.  It almost looks cartoonish.  

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