Saturday, September 8, 2007

Buried treasure?.....

I'm always reading about people finding buried treasure in their yard or finding something incredibly interesting or valuable in their attic...well guess what??? We found something. Buried. In our yard!!!!!

Using your best Jim Nabor/Gomer Pyle voice say "Surprise, surprise! Shazam!" Look at what we found!!!!!!

A sidewalk!!!! Yea!!! What the heck, you say??? Well if you read carefully, I said other people find buried treasure. I didn't say we found buried treasure, I said we found something buried!!!!

While Roger was tilling the dirt on the north side of the house and he noticed that at some spots the rototiller was going over something hard. I took the shovel and starting poking around and could hear it hit something. I shoveled a little and then realized it led in the direction of the gate. Hmmmmm. Sure enough it turned out to be a walkway that wraps around a large Norway pine. The walkway also has the same embedded colored slate as the walkway in front of the house and behind the sun room. I think this will be a perfect spot to plant more hostas!!!!!

This photo is a little dark, but it shows the embedded slate.

In other developments. Planted 22 lilacs last weekend. Dark purple, light purple, white, pink, pinkish red, and burgundy. We also finished our rock circle and planted Guacamole hostas around the tree. Tomorrow we will plant the final two bushes....two snowball bushes. Then we should be done with the planting in the front yard. Except for the hosta beds.

Here is Roger cutting down one of the two Hawthorn trees that were growing on top of the walkway.

Back to the race. Tony is in 4th after 344 laps. Gooooooo Smoke!!!!

Don't even ask me about the change to Toyota at Joe Gibbs Racing. Scuttlebutt is that Tony is not happy about it but has a contract through '09. Home Depot also has a contract through '09. I look for Tony to take Home Depot and go to RCR. That's my 2 cents worth and my prediction.