Saturday, September 15, 2007

Granny has been grabbed!

I planned to pick the other 50% of the produce at "The Gear" today. I rested and performed some stretching exercises so I wouldn't pull a muscle. I walked out into the yard and what do I see???? Nothing!

My rather smallest Granny Smith apple was gone. I believe a varmint has absconded with my apple. My produce has been poached. My Granny Smith has been snatched, stolen, and seized. No doubt a squirrel has squirreled away my lovely apple green Granny Smith apple. Yup, he climbed that little tree and grabbed my Granny. He then bolted, bailed, hot footed (pawed), made off, skipped town (well at least skipped the yard), scampered away, and out right skedaddled. All before I was able to produce a photo of my produce. All I wanted was a pair of photos of my perfect petite pear and less than ample happy apple. Now all I have is a lonely pear, perfectly placed in front of purple posies and perched atop a pink phone. Pathetic.