Friday, November 30, 2007

My parents future home Part Deux

Doesn't this remind you of Little House on the Prairie???? Where's Laura Ingalls and Pa Ingalls??? I hope Pa isn't buried in a snow bank somewhere. How about Merlin Olsen???? Not the Olsons twins dad and not Nellie Oleson's dad, but the retired football player and original member of the Fearsome Foursome, Jonathan Garvey on Little House, and FTD huckster Olsen.

We removed the overhang that was severely rotted and that was a big improvement. My parents stopped by to look at the progress of their next little love nest. I think they are going to be difficult tenants. They were already making demands. My mother wants a canvas awning and my dad had the nerve to ask me if it had power. POWER!!! This is exactly way you don't rent to relatives!!!

Speaking of power, that reminded me of when we went to Jamaica. The electricity quits all the time. We were in town, not the touristy part of town, but the locals part of town. I asked a Jamaican fellow "when was the power coming back on?" He looked at me rather strange and then said, "Ooooh, you mean the current. No problem, Mon." He then walked away.

So I think I'll say to my parents when they begin making demands like "I want an awning." and "I want power."

"No problem, Mon."

Disclaimer....For those of you who don't know us, this is all in fun. I'm not going all Brooke Astor on my parents.