Friday, November 2, 2007

Realization is a bite in the asterik **

Well, yesterday I came to the stark realization that it is far easier to BUY 184 varieties of hostas, than it is is PLANT 184 varieties of hostas.

Roger and I spent at least an hour taking hosta after hosta out to the new "as of yet unnamed" hosta garden. Blaire, didn't you have a suggestion for a name??? I can't remember what it was "cuz I was sick."

I said I wasn't going to make anymore predictions about time frames for completing tasks at "The Gear" but I feel a Gone with the Wind moment coming on.

Here is a photo of me saying "as God is my witness, I'll have those hostas planted by Monday." **

And here is another photo of me running out to the mailbox. I look like I am in a hurry. Hmmmm, I must be expecting a package from eBay or maybe my next issue of Old House Journal.

** notice I didn't say which Monday.