Friday, November 2, 2007

My parents future home......

Several weeks after purchasing "The Gear", my Aunt Rosie, Uncle Carl and my parents took a tour of the property. When we arrived at the former pool bath house they speculated that with a little paint, flower boxes, and curtains it would make a perfect retirement home for my parents once they decided to down size. They also suggested a intercom system so they could buzz the "big house" when they needed a glass of water......"Jan Marie can you bring me a glass of water???"

Here are some photos from 2006.

This has lead to many questions, such as "when are you going to start working on "our" house?" Which is usually answered with, "I might have to raise your rent because I found that "your" house has a stone terrace." or "You know it's a duplex (has two rooms and two entry doors) and that will cost you extra." But they have informed me that is a good thing because they can each have their own room. I wonder if that means separate intercoms?????? Egads...they could both be buzzing me at the same time!!!!! "Bring me a glass of water, I dropped the remote, I need my medication, when is dinner????" Dinner??????

Well....Mom and Dad....mark your calender. Work has begun on your retirement home. Roger started cutting all the large junipers that were surrounding your future home. I've decided, because I am the decider, that I am taking down the center wall and creating a more open floor plan. I feel that this will make the 10 ft by 10 ft space feel like at least 12 ft by 12 ft. Nothing but the best for you guys.

Here's a little sneak peek at what it looked like this afternoon.

Don't pack your bags just yet.