Thursday, June 12, 2008

The theme is magazines

Here's another themed post for my three blogs. All three blogs will be about magazines.

I subscribe to quite a few magazines. I receive a professional discount so it is hard for me NOT to try a new magazine.

There are some magazines that I have subscribed to for eons. Traditional Home and Martha Stewart's Living are two that come to mind. Others that I enjoy that are rather new to me are English Home and Southern Accents.

I've been extremely disappointed with several magazines. Home and Garden comes to mind. H & G is no longer in publication, but up until at least a month before the last issue they were sending me renewals and including subscription cards in the magazine. Unfortunately I had renewed until 2011. Instead of issuing a refund they have started sending me Domino magazine. Domino is not a bad magazine but it is NOT my style nor do I feel is it the style of long time H & G readers.

The issues of H & G, during their last year, were increasing sub par for a long time magazine of this caliber. Specifically was the issue with the blue glass chandelier against a gaudy peach background. It was if the editors were trying HARD not to sell issues.

Another magazine I love but recently had issues with is Old House Journal. They insist on sending me renewals (in official bill appearing form) every other month. I dutifully pay because I love the magazine and do not wish to miss a single issue. Finally I looked on the cover and noticed that I have indeed paid through 2012. I sent a quick email voicing my concern and received a reply that they would in the future send just one renewal notice. "Thank you Old House Journal."

I also sent them an email stating my frustrations with the fact that they focus primarily on Victorian and Craftsman homes. Victorian/Craftsman houses are wonderful lovely structures but the magazine is Old House Journal not Old Victorian/Craftsman Journal. I also mentioned that not only do they focus on those two home styles but have now started adding mid century homes completely bypassing homes of the 30's and 40's.

Below are photos of some of my current favorite magazines.

Of course This Old House is a long time read. It is one of those must save for future reference magazines.

Read my other two blogs to see what I'm reading concerning gardening and cooking.


  1. I like Renovation Style and Traditional Home... of course, I don't have time to read anymore... too busy reading all my favorite blogs and (of course) updating mine! LOL

    I was sorry to hear about H&G. They used to be one of my favorites.

  2. Hi, Jan! I have a little something for you over at my spot. I'm almost finished with it. It should be up any minute now....

  3. Glad you're blogging again, but sorry to hear you're having disc trouble. Ouch. Hope it gets better. I like a lot of the same magazines as you, and I agree with you about Domino. Just not my style. I used to check out a lot of magazines from the library, and don't know why I quit doing it. Your post reminded me how much I enjoy reading those magazines. (Not that I really have time, but....)


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